Lake Glenbawn Murray Cod

It’s the time of year all Fisherman live for… the summer reaction bite. We packed the camping gear and headed off to Glenbawn for a few days. Our plan was to fish all the spots on the dam we don’t usually fish. The palms were twitchy as we knew the Spinnerbait and Jackall bite would be on.
Getting out on the water at sunrise the Bass were playing the game. The Glenbawn Bass are growing at an astounding rate, they were nearly ripping the rod out of your hand every hook up.

On day three we were selecting random banks to fish. We had caught a few nice Bass at the entrance of the bay so we worked our way in towards some sunken trees near a weedbed. The next cast I got smoked in the trees. So I rigged up with a 5/8th Bassman Spinnerbait  in a purple and white skirt with a single silver colorado blade. It was a hot dry day, shade was sparse but this bay had a bit on offer.

I cast within an inch of a barbed wire fence running into a deep drop off and clunk, a solid hook up. This thing is hauling hard to the bottom but I wasn’t feeling the head shakes you would expect. Then all of a sudden I felt like I was bricked. Electricing over the top and checking the sounder I said to Dave “it’s a desert down there it must be one cracking yella”.

Soon I got a bit of line back and spotted the flash of the fish as it shot under the electric and out the other side “ yeah, huge yella” It was a second later when Dave said “don’t panic stay calm… you will never catch another fish this big”. Wow it’s a Cod, at this moment the knees start to shake and the brain went into overdrive. This is the moment when you wonder how good that leader knot is and recall how you’re on 20lb braid and 14lb leader. It took me about 5 minutes to bring the fish to the boat in full view – what a sight, it’s surreal. At this point there’s a lot of relief just to see a fish that big on the end of your rod. Absolute pure grunt on the line as it pings through the guides with the drag working overtime as the Cod headed off on the first of many runs. It’s amazing how slowly Cod move but how much line is sizzling off your reel.

The call was to get the camera out and next time she comes to the boat just to get a snapshot as I doubt we can lift this fish into the boat. 20 minutes later after another 7 big runs she’s at the boat. Dave’s big Cod experiences paid off as he managed to gently bring her into the boat. Camera ready to go we took a few happy snaps and returned her straight back to the water where I was surprised after all I’ve read and heard that she took off on the first stroke. This Murray Cod was 120cm, estimated at about 30kg and caught in the middle reaches of Glenbawn Dam. I used a GLoomis CBR 783 and a Quantum Smoke Baitcaster with 20lb Fins Braid.

Watching this Murray Cod swim away was just as big a buzz as landing her. This is my fish of a lifetime and a memory to treasure. That right spot, lure at the right moment just feeds my fishing addiction and keeps me going back for more.

Story Karen Fontaine
Photo David Williamson


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